Saturday, 18 October 2014

The Next Step.....

Well another first last Thursday, I signed a contract for representation with a gallery located in New York called Agora Gallery.

This story is funny.  On August 17th....yes my birthday....they emailed me expressing interest.  When I opened the email and read it, I immediately thought this was a cruel joke.  Who would do something so mean.  After a week or so of investigating it appeared to be legit.  Happy birthday to me!

After some brief emails an official request came in for me to submit my portfolio to the Gallery Director...and my work was accepted.  The rest is history.  I will be having a group exhibition in New York (yes NEW YORK!) and I will be featured on the main website and there online gallery called ARTmine.

Agora Gallery was recently ranked the Top 6 Best Contemporary Art Gallery's in New York.  They take great pride of how this gallery was founded.  The late Miki Stiles (an artist herself) founded the Gallery in 1984 under the principles that all artists, particularly emerging artists, benefit from having their artwork promoted by a professional gallery.

I am extremely thankful to have this incredible opportunity.  I am feeling a shift and can't wait to see how it all plays out.

Please take a look at a piece that I am still working on.  This piece is being donated to St. Paul's High School for the Tribute Dinner on Tuesday, November 4th.

"Holmstrom Landing, Series 2" Acrylic on 12"x24" Canvas