Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Lets Celebrate TWICE

What does TWICE stand for....Technical Women in Consulting Engineering.

I currently sit on this committee for ACEC-MB.  ACEC Canada is currently having a function tomorrow celebrating this committee at the Fairmont off Main Street in conjunction with it's annual summit.  It will be a fun evening with great people across Canada and good conversations.

I have donated a painting for a door prize and have completed it today.  I am pretty happy with the stormy clouds and the texture in the field.
Take a look...

Road Trip to Scotia,
18"x18" acrylic on 3/4" canvas

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

82nd Manitoba Society of Artists Annual Open Juried Competition & Exhibition

Great news everyone!

I submitted two pieces to an open call for a juried competition and exhibition with the Manitoba Society of Artists and they accepted one of my pieces.

I am very honored.  The exhibition runs from June 10 to the 25th at Frame Arts Warehouse, 318 Ross Avenue in Winnipeg.  Exhibits hours are Monday to Saturday from 2:00 - 7:00 p.m.  They have some great work displayed and price range for everyone.

This painting is called "Lilies, Series 1" and is 24"x16" acrylic on canvas.  This was one of the two pieces submitted and was accepted in the exhibition.

This painting is called "Loon, Series 2" and is 16"x12" acrylic on canvas.  This one was highlighted in a earlier post which I have changed up quite a bit.  I think it is stunning.  This one didn't make it in the exhibition.

Poster for the Exhibition.

Art Retreat

Well.....better late then never.

I had a great time and learned tons at the art retreat in Bear Valley.  I didn't produce the quality of work I wanted to but my intention was to expand myself.  I am thankful to Dominic Modlinski who took the time to discuss and teach me more about acrylics and mediums.  I was the only acrylic painter at the retreat and was considered on the dark side.

So, here are some photos of inspiration that I would like to share with you.

My view from my room at sunset....stunning!

Woke up at 4:30 a.m. to take photos of the sunrise.  The range of colors was breath taking.

Another stunning view....many to choose from.

Here is my good friend Aileen McKinnon.  After the retreat I visited her in Kamloops.  We are just outside of town on a hike.  A painting waiting to happen.

I am back home and very thankful for this experience....and feeling inspired!