Monday, 16 May 2016

Color Intoxication

I love reading post from other artists....the description of the process, their art and what it all means to them.  Interpretation of colors....warm/cool, complements, monochromatic, depth.  This is all still so very foreign to me.

My last retreat with Gordon Harrison I had an a-ha moment about color.  Gordon sat me down on the first day and asked me what I wanted to get out of this retreat.  I am working in acrylics and he works in oils which are two totally different process.  I thought about it a bit and answered, "To better understand how to tackle color choices in my work." 

This is my struggle.

He helped me through a piece I was working on suggesting colors when I was stumped.  The soft pink in the horizon, the acid green in the grass and the emerald green in the water.  I would never of chosen these myself without his gentle nudge.  It was scary but freeing.  What I learned that day was experiment and be open. 

Also Allan Dunfield gave me some wonderful advice through FB recently....just keep moving paint around finding out what works and what doesn't.....mistakes are an important part of the learning curve.  This was perfect advice!

A big thank you to these amazing artists who I have met along the way having great discussion, giving great advice and guidance.  Gordon Harrison, Jessica Hedricks, Dominic Modlinski,  Tatjana Mirkov-Popovicki, and Allan Dunfield  

I know I am on the cusp, I see my growth with experimentation with my pallet.  Currently I think I am suffering from a slight form of color intoxication

Here are some more pieces that have been accepted in upcoming shows with the Federation of Canadian Artist.